Numerology Explains why 2020 will see a Rise in Opportunities For Women

It’s no coincidence that Sara Cox has been announced as the BBC Radio 2 Drivetime host, Zoe Ball as the first BBC Radio 2 Breakfast presenter, Holly Willoughby is hosting “I’m a Celebrity” and the first female Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker made her TV debut on Sunday 7th October with an audience of  8.2 million.



Numerologist Emily R Hughes has been carefully watching the change from masculine to feminine energy and has been expecting a significant  increase in  women being announced in prominent roles


Emily R Hughes, Award-winning Numerologist says:

“We are now seeing and feeling the Rise of the Feminine energy as we move closer to 2020. 2019 sees the end of the long reign of the masculine 1 energy of the 1000’s and we will begin to experience a more spiritual and nurturing connection to ourselves and to life in general, as the 2 embodies the female energy and the connection to the right side of the brain, the more intuitive part of us.

2019 is a slow release from the male energy of the 1000’s, and so we will see more females in powerful positions in preparation for 2020. The perfect example is on Radio 2 where  Zoe Ball will becomes the first woman to permanently host the Radio 2 Breakfast show and Sara Cox takes over at the helm of Drivetime. We are in an exciting time in history where we will experience a profound energy shift that will see us connect to the unseen and intuitive energy of the 2, and women will be able to use this 2 energy to secure more opportunities  in life and leadership.”


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