Cabrini House Residents Receive their first Coronavirus Vaccination

The team at Cabrini House, a residential home for 23 adults with learning disabilities in Orpington, is delighted that all their residents have received their first coronavirus injection.


Marina Rubio, Residential Manager at Cabrini House, said: “We encourage our Cabrini House residents to be as independent as they can be, so the last ten months have been a very difficult time for everyone here. The ongoing pandemic restrictions have meant that the residents have had to adapt to new routines and have missed out on the activities they enjoy in Orpington and the surrounding areas. We are delighted that all our residents have received their first dose of the vaccination and we see it as a huge step towards reintegrating them safely into the community when restrictions are lifted.”

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About The Diagrama Foundation

Diagrama is a charitable foundation which supports vulnerable people through residential care, adoption and fostering across the south east of England.  The foundation has three small care homes for adults with learning disabilities, a 48-bed care home for elderly with nursing and dementia needs and three homes for vulnerable young people.