Award Winning Dental Therapist Warns of the Importance of Getting Your Oral Health Back on Track

With restrictions lifting in England, it is now more important than ever to value self-care and personal health

Award winning Dental Therapist Cat Edney warns that those who had to postpone their dental care during the pandemic should remember to prioritise getting back on track with their routine check-ups and gum health assessments.

Dental Teams have been working tirelessly to ensure enhanced covid protocols and PPE are in place to keep everybody safe, with dental teams being used to adhering to exceptionally high standards of infection control, the added measures have been adopted on a national level and practices have been able to remain open throughout the second wave.

Cat Edney, Dental Therapist, said, “Many people are now booking appointments at their Dental surgery to get them back to having healthy smiles.  Those who have struggled with the change or lack of routine that comes with being at home are now suffering with more inflammation or bleeding in their gums and complaining of bad breath. These issues are often easily fixed with a tailored home care routine and supportive treatment in the surgery but if left untreated could lead to gum disease causing wobbly or lost teeth.


“I also have concerns about anybody who hasn’t had a routine check for a while. An appointment with your dentist or dental therapist will check for signs of decay, gum disease and very importantly  – oral cancer. With incidences of mouth cancer on the rise it is important that everybody gets regular checks regardless of how healthy their teeth are.


“Lock down diets also have had a role to play in increased levels of decay patients are experiencing.  With regular snacking and less regular visits to the hygienist giving rise to more plaque build-up; we are seeing that some patients who haven’t had decay before now need fillings.  Limiting meals to three times a day, drinking plain water between meals, and not skipping cleaning between your teeth every day can improve your chances of avoiding the need for fillings.”


Cat’s Top Tips for getting your oral health back on track:

  • Use an electric toothbrush and interdental brushes or floss every day
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste and spit – don’t rinse it away
  • Reduce snacking and try to stick to plain water between meals
  • Bleeding gums should be treated not avoided
  • Visit your dental team regularly and ask them to show you how to care for your teeth at home.


To find a private or NHS dentist in your local area, ask friends or neighbours for recommendations or search online.


Note to  Editors


Cat Edney was awarded Best Hygienist at the Oral Health Awards in April 2021. She works in Kent and Greenwich.