Former Police Officer to Attempt Cycle and Running Challenge in Honour of Murdered WPC Yvonne Fletcher

On Saturday 14th August, former Police Officer Steve Murphy, 64,  set off to cycle from St. James’s Square, London,  where WPC Yvonne Fletcher was killed, to her place of rest and home village of Semley in Wiltshire, to raise awareness of the ‘Campaign for Justice for Yvonne’ led by ex-Policeman and campaigner John Murray. Steve will then run the 130-mile return journey to St. James Square hoping to arrive late on Monday.

Steve’s cycle ride began at 8.00am in St. James Square by the memorial which marks where  WPC  Yvonne Fletcher was murdered in 1984 by a shot fired from the Libyan embassy. After cycling to Semley, Steve will visit St Leonards Church, to pay  his respects at Yvonne’s grave and view the stained-glass window in the Lady Chapel, which  honours her.  Steve will then set off to run back  to St. James’s Square,  a journey through the night and following day which he expects will take him forty hours.

Steve Murphy, said, “I am doing this endurance challenge to raise awareness of ‘The Campaign for Justice for Yvonne’ led by Ex Policeman and campaigner John Murray. The atrocity happened over 37 years ago, and we have yet to see justice for Yvonne and the 12 Libyan students who were shot that day. Until those who are responsible are brought to justice, we will do everything we can to raise the profile of  Yvonne’s unlawful death on duty and ensure she is never forgotten.”

In early 1977, (after her training at Hendon police college), Yvonne was posted to Bow Street police station. Steve Murphy had been at Bow Street for a year and was asked to look after the new WPC and they became great friends.  Steve was with Yvonne  when she made her first arrest in Floral Street, Covent Garden, and he fondly remembers spending Christmas Day with her in the station in 1977, because it was not worth them going home between shifts!

John Murray, Campaigner and former Metropolitan Police Officer, said, “We are very lucky that ‘The Campaign for Justice for Yvonne’ has some amazing supporters. Steve’s challenge is very timely as in November my private prosecution against the chief suspect will be heard in the High Court and we are hopeful this might ultimately lead to him finally being brought to criminal court, to be tried  for Yvonne’s attempted murder.”

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Notes To Editors

Steve Murphy and John Murray are available for interview.

About Yvonne Fletcher

Twenty-five-year-old Police Officer Yvonne Fletcher was murdered on 17 April 1984 by a shot fired from the Libyan embassy in St James’s Square, London.  Fletcher had been deployed to monitor a demonstration  against the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and died shortly afterwards. Her death resulted in an eleven-day siege of the embassy, at the end of which those inside were expelled  from the country and the United Kingdom severed diplomatic relations with Libya.
Yvonne is named on the new national memorial to fallen police officers at the National Memorial Arboretum which was unveiled by HRH Prince Charles on 28 July 2021.

About Steve Murphy

Steve is no stranger to endurance challenges, having run at the North Pole, in the Sahara and in North Korea and has run the length of the U.K. and Ireland. Steve has also rowed the Atlantic and plans to row again in 2022.