London taxi driver receives Prime Minister’s Point of Light

London cab driver Micky Harris has received the Prime Minister’s Point of Light award for creating a Taxi hailing app to unify the Taxi trade and donate its profits to charities.

London taxi driver, Micky Harris has been recognised by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his exceptional contribution to society and awarded the Point of Light award.

Micky Harris used a legacy from his greatly missed  late wife Barbara, to create a unique taxi-hailing app called Unify that not only provides drivers with the full metered fare but donates its profits to charities. On 9 November Harris received the prestigious Points of Light award in recognition of his outstanding efforts.

While studying for the Knowledge, the demanding process London taxi drivers undergo to acquire in-depth knowledge of the city’s streets Micky stumbled upon the incredible work of the ‘Taxi Charity for Military Veterans’. Moved by their mission, he wasted no time in joining the cause as a volunteer driver and soon became an integral member of the charity, even serving as a committee member earlier this year.

Micky and his wife Barbara had taken numerous veterans to events across the UK and embarked on special commemorative trips to the Netherlands and France with the Taxi Charity and their shared dedication and devotion to serving military veterans inspired them to find new ways of supporting the taxi trade and its associated charities.

As Barbara’s health was worsening, they discussed how the iconic London black cabs and the army of drivers could come together and the idea for an app to unify the trade was born. Sadly, Barbara died in July 2022 but with her blessing and an unexpected legacy Micky successfully launched a new taxi-hailing app in April 2023 called Unify.

The Unify App was welcomed by the cab trade and has already garnered the support of over 2,000 licensed taxi drivers and drivers are signing up every day. Beyond offering passengers the convenience of accessing reliable transportation services, the app encourages and empowers passengers to make charitable donations. By choosing to ride with drivers on this platform, passengers not only receive the service they require but also contribute to various worthy causes.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Rt Hon Johnny Mercer MP, said: “Micky is one of the very best examples of those with a determination to help and support our veterans. His dedication to supporting wider charities, as well as volunteering for the ‘Taxi Charity for Military Veterans’ embodies the values we all look up to. I’m extremely pleased to see him awarded with this Point of Light award.”

London Cab Driver and Unify App owner Micky Harris said, “It really is such an honour to receive the Points of Light award from the Prime Minister’s office. I work tirelessly day and night trying to do the right thing in an environment dominated by companies driven by profit. If this award can help bring awareness to others that if they try, it is possible to make a difference and with dedication and hard work, hopefully realise their dreams to make their community a better place for all. What we need now is for every cab driver to sign up to the Unify app, it doesn’t cost drivers anything to be part of this and by working together, we can all achieve so much more in life. I truly believe that we are all ‘Stronger Together’ and the Unify London App will give us the unity we need to succeed.”

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About The Unify London Taxi APP

The Unify London App has no surge pricing, no hidden fees and no cancellations. The cab is hired from the hail, meaning the cab driver receives the full fare. Unify is the only platform operating fully within TfL pricing structures. Profits from the App will be used to support the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, The London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children, The Albany Taxi Charity and the Magical Taxi Tour.


About the Points of Light Award

The  Points of Light award was launched in April 2014 to recognise outstanding individuals making a positive change within their community and inspiring others.