Why Your Brand Story is Killing your Business

Having a clear brand message and an effective sales engagement ladder has never been more important, as businesses and charities across the UK have discovered over the past few weeks

But with so many consumers switching to e-commerce, cutting through the significant online noise to grab attention can be challenging. This is where the ancient art of storytelling can make the difference by securing fresh interest and increasing sales.

Kent marketeers Sony Whittam and Julie Firth have launched a new venture – a one-stop marketing agency STORY22 – to overcome this problem and help businesses to clarify their brand message.

Sonya Whittam, STORY22 said: “Many businesses are wasting time and money on websites and marketing materials that simply do not connect with their target audience. They are cluttering up their online shop window with revolving images, a mountain of text and a dozen different buttons for users to choose from before they’ve even told anyone what problem they solve and what their product or service does. It’s too much for our brains to cope with. Our prospects become confused and we lose.”

Sonya and Julie are Kent’s first StoryBrand certified Guides, qualified to deliver marketing services that follow the acclaimed StoryBrand framework. StoryBrand is the brainchild of New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller. Academic research published late last year shows 100% of businesses and non-profits that applied Miller’s seven-step framework have seen an uplift in sales/donations and engagement, just by changing their message.

Julie Firth, STORY22, said: “There is no mystical wizardry about the StoryBrand approach – in fact, it’s almost the complete opposite. It takes people right back to basics in terms of creating simple, clear messaging that speaks to prospective customers in a way that addresses their human needs first and foremost. It does away with the ‘cute and clever’ which often ends up just confusing people.

“The problem is, as humans, our primary interest is in how we can survive and thrive. We are not interested in what businesses have to say about themselves, so we switch off. You read it all the time – how qualified you are, how many awards you’ve won, what a smart new office you have. It’s hard to hear, but no-one is interested. If businesses fail to get these basics right, they are literally throwing money away on their marketing.”

Sonya adds: “We want to help businesses and charities understand how to reposition their messaging so that it makes sense and connects with the customer’s own story. Story is the most effective form of communication and is 22 times more likely to be remembered than facts alone.  Your words matter – so much more than the amount you spend. An ugly website with the right words will outperform a beautiful website with a confusing message every single time.”

STORY22 is currently holding free webinars every month for businesses to learn how to pivot their own stories. The presentation walks through the seven steps of storytelling to help people engage more effectively.

During the live event participants are offered the chance to put their own websites forward for scrutiny, and are offered advice on how to improve positioning and messaging.

“While many businesses may be struggling to know what the future holds right now, this is one step forward they can take to get the foundations right and secure their future success”, Sonya adds.

For more information about STORY22 visit WWW.STORY22.CO.UK