Hope for those living with Long Covid

Research from Kings College London suggests that one in 20 people with COVID-19 are likely to suffer from Long Covid – Fatigue Coach Pamela Rose is successfully helping those living with this debilitating condition to regain a life worth living

Those living with Long Covid often suffer fatigue and anxiety leaving them feeling trapped in a life where they are unable to cope with even the most basic actions and face losing their job and their relationships as well as missing out on priceless moments and experiences with their loved ones. Fatigue Coach Pamela Rose is helping people manage their body and mindset so they can cope with their condition and feel life is worth living again.

Elite runner, Luke Hanson, 39, from Bristol, contracted COVID-19 while on a skiing trip in February. After the initial illness, Luke was shocked how hard life became as he was tired all the time, but in a way he had never experienced before. His  chronic fatigue  would come and go but ultimately his condition was  spiralling downwards until towards the end of the school year when he could no longer home school his children and there were times when Long Covid literally paralysed him and he could do nothing but sit in a chair for hours.

Luke Hanson, said, “When I discovered Pamela it was such a relief to find an ally who had experienced chronic fatigue herself, understood what I was going through, and had been able to change her own  quality of life for the better. Pamela began helping me in August to pace and manage my energy levels every day. From being so scared of this debilitating condition and fearing the type of future I was facing; I saw the real possibility of living a full life again. Working with Pamela has been life changing and I have not had a post exertion malaise since the end of August. Every week I continue to see improvements and now have the quality of life that I had lost hope of ever regaining.”

Fatigue Coach, Pamela Rose, said, “Being struck down by a condition such as Long Covid can leave you feeling robbed of the life you deserve. Tasks, once effortless, feel insurmountable and those living with extreme fatigue are often unable to get through the simplest of actions without an energy crash. Having managed my own recovery from ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and improving my own quality of life beyond recognition I knew that I could support those living with these Long Covid symptoms and give them hope of a more positive future.”

Pamela Rose supports people throughout the UK who are living with Long Covid  – to find out more, visit www.pamelarose.co.uk