£5 million Pandemic Support for Kent and Medway

On the anniversary of the first lockdown grant-maker Kent Community Foundation announces that it has distributed £5.1million in pandemic support grants to 1583 organisations and families across Kent and Medway






Kent Community Foundation is delighted to announce that it has given out £5,100,000 to charities, community groups and families facing financial crisis during the pandemic. The Foundation partnered with the National Emergencies Trust and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport as well as Kent County Council and Medway Council to distribute emergency money from central government and privately raised money from National Emergencies Trust as well as raising over £1m from their own supporters and fund-holders.

Josephine McCartney, Chief Executive, Kent Community Foundation, said, “As we mark the anniversary of a year in lockdown, I am delighted to be able to announce that Kent Community Foundation has been able to support good causes and families who have been adversely affected by the pandemic with over £5million in grants.  Although this is not necessarily an anniversary that we want to celebrate it is certainly one that we want to mark as the most remarkable in our history. I must extend my thanks to everyone who has donated to help others throughout the pandemic and especially to our own supporters and fund-holders who have donated an amazing £1million.


“The effect of the pandemic on charitable organisations and families throughout Kent and Medway has been sizeable and the £5 million in grants has made a significant difference to the survival of many charities and has eased the financial strain for many families. Charites and many families have some way to go to recoup the income they have lost during the last twelve months but with the country on the road to recovery we look to the future with hope.”



To find out more about the difference Kent Community Foundation has made during the pandemic  visit www.kentcf.org.uk/coronavirus-case-studies



Notes to Editors

Kent Community Foundation awarded 1583 grants during the past year. There were 1012 grants for organisations and 571 grants for individuals

The total value of grants over the past year was £5,108,076

About Kent Community Foundation

Grant-maker Kent Community Foundation has been finding, funding, and supporting some of the smallest voluntary organisations in the county for 20 years. In this time, it has distributed over £40 million to support thousands of small charities and deserving causes where a modest sum of money can make a significant impact.

They are part of a UK wide accredited network of forty-six Community Foundations who are committed to improving the lives of local people and communities, particularly the most vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged by matching those who want to help, with those who need the help.

Responsible for more than 80 philanthropic funds, Kent Community Foundation is unrivalled in its knowledge of local causes and assists individuals, families, and businesses, who want to help, to establish and administer their own charitable funds.