Couple Reunite to Celebrate 35th Wedding Anniversary

Fred and Linda Smith were determined to be together to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary after living separately in care homes in Spain and the UK

Fred, 91, and Linda Smith, 70, moved to Andalucía in Spain in 2000 and enjoyed many years together living in Linda’s beloved Mojácar, where many years earlier, before she had met and married Fred, Linda had run a bar and had a huge circle of friends.

Unfortunately, Fred’s health meant that he had to go into a care home in Spain and Linda had to make some big decisions about their future. Linda moved back to the UK in December 2020 and moved into a care home but the home she had chosen was not able to give Fred the medical support he needed. Linda hadn’t seen Fred since September 2020 and lockdown hadn’t been helping his condition so Linda needed to quickly find a suitable home where they could be together once again.

The Edensor Care Centre in Clacton on Sea offered Linda and Fred all they needed as a couple with expert nursing care for Fred and lots of activities for the couple to enjoy and on 21 February Fred travelled over from Spain and moved into Edensor. This popular care home didn’t have immediate availability for Linda, so she had to wait until 28 February to join her husband. Pandemic quarantine protocols meant that they both had to self-isolate and couldn’t see each other immediately but they were both overjoyed to be under the same roof once again.

Linda Smith, said, “It is so lovely to be living together once again with Fred, instead of being thousands of miles apart. It was amazing to be able to spend our 35th wedding anniversary together and we are looking forward to being able to go out together when restrictions allow and for Fred and I to be able to see the rest of his family.”

Muhammed Neeliyath, Manager, Edensor Care Centre, said, “The Edensor team was delighted to be able to offer Fred and Linda a home together, that could provide Fred with the nursing care he requires. It was wonderful that they were able to reunite for their 35th wedding anniversary and the team and the residents thoroughly enjoyed celebrating this important milestone with them.”

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