Care Home Residents Make Tribute to Prince Philip

Residents at the Diagrama Care Centre in Clacton on Sea have crafted a version of Prince Philip’s personal insignia as a tribute to the Duke.









Susan Thiel, 74, assisted by a couple of other residents has created part of the Duke’s personal coat of arms as a tribute to The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, who died on 9 April. The residents used a variety of crafting materials including buttons, glitter, cotton wool and crepe paper. Their interpretation of the Prince’s personal crest was proudly displayed on the wall in the lounge for his funeral on 17 April 2020.




Muhammed Neeliyath, Manager, Edensor Care Centre, said,

“The Edensor residents were very keen to do something in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh, so our Activities Coordinator, Donna Morton, spoke with them and together they decided to take inspiration from the Prince’s coat of arms and create a tribute for the Home.

“One of our resident’s Susan Thiel, used to be a Nursery Teacher and absolutely loves crafting and led the project assisted by a couple of other residents. They have been working on the crest for a few days and Susan has been singing while crafting much to everyone’s delight.

“The finished work is now proudly displayed on a wall in the Lounge so everyone can see it and we will be sending a picture of the completed project to Her Majesty the Queen and we do hope she likes it.”

Edensor is a 48-bed care centre for elderly with nursing and dementia needs in Clacton on Sea

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