Care Home Residents to be Granted Wishes

The Edensor Care Centre in Clacton on Sea has asked all their residents to request something special on a ‘Wish Tree’

Staff at the charity run care centre in Essex asked their residents to hang a handwritten note asking for something that they would really love to receive on a ‘Wish Tree’ and much to all the residents absolute delight the first wish has been granted – a kitten who will live at Edensor.

Diane Groom, 72, placed her wish which said “I would love to have a cat to love and care for” on the tree and was over the moon when hers was the first wish to be granted and ‘Dave’ a tiny little tabby kitten arrived to live permanently at the Care Centre.

Lindsey Milliken, Deputy Manager, Edensor Care Centre, said, “When I suggested that we create a ‘Wish Tree’ at Edensor I had no idea quite the impact it would have. Our new kitten Dave has made a huge difference to the atmosphere in the Care Centre and seeing the residents faces light up when he is about is magical, and he is bringing immense joy and happiness to residents and staff. And we are absolutely delighted that Clacton Pet Store has donated some toys and food for our new housemate.

“The staff also added a wish to the tree inspired by one of our residents, a young man, Simon Keyes, 34, who was with us for end-of-life care. On the day before he died, I was taking him along the sea front, when he told me that he would love to go on the beach to feel the sand and be taken to the water’s edge to put his feet in the sea. Not being able to do this for him was heart breaking and I knew that we needed to fundraise for a couple of beach wheelchairs to ensure that in future we would be able to take our residents on to the sand.”

Other wishes on the tree include, to go and see West Ham play and tour the stadium, to have a round of golf and to go ten pin bowling and one resident simply wanted to walk in the rain.

The Charity run Care Centre hopes to make all the wishes happen by the end of the year and is hopeful that the local community will step in to help them achieve this. If you would like to donate towards the Edensor’s wish for two beach wheelchairs that will allow residents to go on to the sand, please visit




To find out more about Edensor which is run by the charity Diagrama visit and if you could help to make a wish come true, please call the Edensor team on 01255 423317



The wishes are


Peter A: ‘I would like to go shopping and get a new radio and a bigger TV’

Fred S: ‘I would like to play a proper game of golf not crazy golf, have a pint of Guinness and play darts and visit Duxford where I was stationed and go up in an old plane.

Jean J: ‘I would like Edensor’s garden to look like the a beautiful country garden with lots of flowers and butterflies’

Susan T: I would love to go out for a special meal with my husband and to go ten pin bowling’

Peter B: I really like birds and would like to visit a bird sanctuary, I would like to visit a country house and have a picnic and ice cream’

Christine J: ‘I would like to go on a magical adventure with my family and friends’

Len s: I would like to go and see West Ham play and a tour of the stadium with one of the players’

William H: I would like to go on a real steam train, I would also like to go up in a small plane’

Pat L: I’I would love to see the marshes, go back to a bakery shop and choose a cake, go shopping and feel the sand and sea on my feet’

Maureen P: I would love to get my umbrella, put on my wellies and rain coat and walk in the rain and jump in puddles’

Win A: I would love to watch a live tennis match at Wimbledon’

Patrick C: I would love to go to the seaside for the day, eat ice cream and feel the sand and hear the waves’

Shirley R: ‘I would like to go to the zoo and meet a real tiger, also strawberry picking’

Leslie G: ‘I would love to go on a boat ride and go fishing’

Henry N: ‘I would like to visit a safari park or farm’

Charles D: I would like a shopping trip to Chelmsford and a fish tank for the lounge’

Kenneth M: I would like to go to an old car show’

Stanley T: ‘I would like to have a ride on a steam train’

Stuart Y: I would like to go on a boat trip and do fishing’

Betty Hall: ‘I would like my bedroom to be decorated with a forest theme and a fish tank’

Jutta H: I would like to be a princess for the day and for my room to be decorated with faeries and magical lights’

Linda Smith:’ I would like my veranda space to look like the Chelsea flower show with a bar area and lights’

Edensor staff would love to reach their funding raising goal, so that they can purchase a beach wheelchair, which will enhance the lives of their residents and allow them to get onto the beach and feel the sand and sea between their toes and for some volunteers to help sort out the garden area.