Folkestone Sixth Form Students Get Involved in Charitable Giving

A group of sixth form students from the Folkestone Academy has been working with Kent Community Foundation to learn how funding in the charitable sector works.

In a new initiative Kent Community Foundation is working with sixth form sports students from Folkestone Academy as part of the Made by Sport Fund grants process. The brainchild of  Natalie Smith, Director of Grants and Impact at Kent Community Foundation, the group of Folkestone  students are tasked with discussing applications which will be receiving funding from the Made by Sport Fund and agreeing which if any of the projects should receive some additional funding and why.

Natalie Smith, Director of Grants and Impact, Kent Community Foundation, said “For the young people, it’s a chance to think on their feet, to perform in a reasonably formal situation, to manage responsibility, to learn more about the voluntary sector in Kent and to have some fun. A critical factor of this initiative is that we give the young people autonomy on some extra funding.  All the applications we present  to the group are going to be supported from the Made by Sport Fund, but the students  themselves decide which ones will get additional funding. So essentially, they have some real power in the process.”

Katlyn Hogben, 17, Folkestone Academy, said, “ I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved. We read about each of the organisations, their aims  and what they have  applied for help towards and then discuss between ourselves whether we feel their project  should be awarded additional funding and why. We often go back and forth before we make a decision that we all agree on.”

Nathaniel, 18, Folkestone Academy, said, “Sport should be for everyone regardless of ability as it is so beneficial  for your physical health and your wellbeing. Being involved in the project has been a very interesting and different experience and has made me think more about charities who are making participating in sport possible for everyone across the county.”

Kieran Cahill, Head of Physical Education, Folkestone Academy, said, “Working with Kent Community Foundation has given our sports students a fantastic opportunity to learn about the charitable sector, and I am delighted to see their enthusiasm and positive attitude towards this project.”

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About Folkestone Academy

Folkestone Academy, part of the Turner Schools multi academy trust, is committed to improve the educational and social outcomes for the young people it serves.

About the Made by Sport Fund

Made By Sport has partnered with Community Foundations to distribute £4.4m funding to organisations and sports clubs across the UK who deliver sports development programmes for young people up to the age of 25.

Unrestricted grants of up to £2021 will be made available for those groups who do so much to use sport as a vehicle for social good for young people in the local area and allow them to develop a range of life skills and knowledge that bring a benefit to not only the individual but also to their local community.

About Kent Community Foundation

Grant-maker Kent Community Foundation has been finding, funding, and supporting some of the smallest voluntary organisations in the county for twenty years. In this time, it has distributed over £45 million to support thousands of small charities and deserving causes where a modest sum of money can make a significant impact.

They are part of a UK wide accredited network of forty-seven Community Foundations who are committed to improving the lives of local people and communities, particularly the most vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged by matching those who want to help, with those who need the help.

Responsible for more than eighty philanthropic funds, Kent Community Foundation is unrivalled in its knowledge of local causes and assists individuals, families, and businesses, who want to help, to establish and administer their own charitable funds.