Learning for Life Project Receives Funding

Kent Community Foundation has awarded £5,500 to the charity Learn and Thrive, to support their Learning for Life project.

Based in Maidstone, the charity  Learn and Thrive was established last year to support children and young people with Down’s syndrome. They applied to Kent Community Foundation for a grant towards the costs of  filming the next phase of learning videos and resources, for their Learning for Life project.


Johanna Aiyathurai,  CEO, Learn and Thrive, said, “The adult world is full of risk  for those who are vulnerable. Whilst we need to protect those people, the most important and empowering approach is to teach young people to identify risks, to know when something isn’t right and how to seek help. If we want these young people to be able to access the workplace or their local leisure facilities, then they need to understand socially appropriate behaviour. Our Learning for Life project will provide the tools they need to reach their potential and keep themselves safe in later life.”

Kent Community Foundation awarded Learn and Thrive £5,500 to support the filming of the next phase of learning videos and resources for the Learning for Life project, which focus on relationships, behaviour, and social skills.



Johanna Aiyathurai,  CEO, Learn and Thrive, continued, “This grant will mean that many young people will now get access to vital learning resources to help them build the skills needed for a safe and happy future and empower them with the knowledge and skills to interact with their communities and reach their potential. For some that will mean jobs and independent living, for others, it will mean being empowered to make choices in their own lives and know whom to talk to if they feel unsafe. Both outcomes are hugely important, and we want to thank Kent Community Foundation on behalf of our whole community.”

Natalie Smith, Director of Grants and Impact, Kent Community Foundation, said “The Learn and Thrive application asked for a grant towards  high-quality video, symbols, and expertly differentiated resources for their Learning for Life project. These resources  will give  the children and young people they support access to the information they need to thrive, and we were delighted to help.”

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About Learn and Thrive

Learn and Thrive  is the first national charity to offer a unique video resource library of free educational tools for the Down’s syndrome community to make access to specialist education accessible to all.


About Kent Community Foundation

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