Funding Helps to Give Young Boy a Voice

A four-year-old boy from Sevenoaks has received a grant from the Wards Charitable Fund to provide a wheelchair mount for his eye gaze computer.

Four-year-old Frank who uses an eye gaze computer communication aid will be able to use it more regularly thanks to  a new mount which means he can use his computer when he is in his wheelchair.

Having recently gone through a lengthy process to find a communication aid to support him, Frank was issued with a state-of-the-art eye gaze computer. The eye gaze computer uses a special eye tracking camera mounted above the screen which observes one of Frank’s eyes. The software processes sixty  camera images every second and determines where Frank is looking, allowing him to have a voice.

Unfortunately, there is only statuary funding for one stand or mount for the vital computer and as Frank requires frequent position changes multiple mounts on varying equipment are essential to enable his communication throughout the day.

Having received £354 from the Wards Charitable Fund to pay for a mount for his wheelchair, his mother Kate said,  “Frank is doing so well with his eye gaze device and we are so grateful for the mount. Being able to have it on his chair has meant that we have been using the device far more and as a result his communication has really come on. He used it in his school nativity where he played the role of narrator. It was such a proud moment for Frank, and for us too!

“We also recently watched the CBeebies Bedtime Story read by someone using an eye gaze device and Frank was watching and using his device to talk to us about it! That wouldn’t have been possible before we had the mount.”

Josephine McCartney, Chief Executive, Kent Community Foundation said, “Arun Estates, the Parent Company of Wards Estate Agents in Kent use Kent Community Foundation’s expertise  to administer their charitable giving through The Wards Charitable Fund. They have to date donated over £10 million to  support children who have physical disabilities, long term illnesses and/or life limiting conditions and we are delighted that this recent grant is making such a difference for Frank.”

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About the Wards Charitable Fund

The Wards Charitable Fund supports children with physical disabilities, long term illnesses and/or life limiting conditions. Priority is given to equipment that directly benefits the mental and physical health of the children.

The average grant from the Fund is between £300 and £2,000, but no upper limit is placed on applications and applications can be made at any time during the year.

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