Award Winning TV and Film Set Builder Delights Care Home Residents

When a residential care centre in Clacton needed help to create a 1960’s train carriage, a TV and film set builder stepped in to make seating for the carriage that wouldn’t look out of place in an Oscar winning blockbuster

Edensor Care Centre in Clacton-on-Sea wanted to create a vintage railway carriage to improve the wellbeing of its residents. The three vintage-style compartments were designed to allow COVID safe visits for up to three separate families at any one time, as well as supporting those with memory loss by creating an environment from an era that they may well remember.

The work on the train carriage has been carried out by members of the in-house maintenance team, but they needed help to create seating that would fit in with the era. When they approached award-winning, TV and film set builder, Dave Blacker, from Olivbells, they were amazed and delighted when he offered his time and expertise for free.



Dave Blacker, from Rainham in Kent, who worked on the set of Kenneth Branagh’s film Murder on the Orient Express was perfectly placed to create the seating for the train carriage and said, “I was delighted to support the charity Diagrama. I have been building sets for TV and films for thirty years and when I was approached to see if I could help, I didn’t hesitate to volunteer my time for this important project which will allow the residents to meet their families in a comfortable COVID safe environment.”

Muhammed Neeliyath, Residential Manager, Edensor Care Centre, said, “The train carriage will make a huge difference to the Edensor residents and their families. All our residents have now received their Coronavirus vaccines so this new space will give residents and their families somewhere beautiful to meet regularly and safely once more.”

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About TV and film set builder David Blacker

Dave Blacker is an award-winning film and television prop maker and set builder.  Over the past 30 years he has worked alongside Emmy and Bafta winning designers, to bring their ideas to life.

His projects include: The Crown, The Brit awards 2018, Murder on the Orient Express, The Great British Bake Off, Britain’s got talent, The X Factor, The Royal Variety Show, The Baftas, Call the Midwife, The London Olympics.

At Olivbells he uses his design skills and craftmanship to bring children’s play spaces to life.


About The Diagrama Foundation

Diagrama is a charity which supports vulnerable people through residential care, adoption and fostering across the south east of England.  The foundation has three small care homes for adults with learning disabilities, a 48-bed care home for elderly with nursing and dementia needs and two homes for vulnerable young people.

Many vulnerable people live a joyless existence without hope and without a true identity or understanding of what is possible to achieve in life.

Diagrama, know that when someone has time and belief invested in them, they come alive, because that investment has made them feel valued and worthy.

Diagrama’s dedicated team provides person-centred, solution-focused services for vulnerable children and adults, because everyone deserves the chance to live their best life possible.