WWII Veteran to Help Find Home for Dog

When WWII Veteran Bill Gladden heard that one year old terrier Cody was having a difficult time finding a new home, he offered to help the RSPCA by painting a portrait of the little dog.

WWII Veteran Bill Gladden from Haverhill in Suffolk has always loved painting animals and when he heard about Cody, a little terrier who the RSPCA was trying to find a home for,  he offered to paint the one-year-old dog to see if his portrait might help find the mischievous little dog a kind and loving home.


Donna Rich, Centre Manager, RSPCA, said, “Cody has been waiting for the right home for almost a year, so we were all delighted when Mr Gladden offered to paint him to try and bring more attention to the plight of this lively little dog. Cody has some history of behavioural issues which the training team is working on, so we are looking for experienced adopters who would enjoy continuing his ongoing reward-based training and we hope that this beautiful portrait will help us reach more potential adopters.”

WWII Veteran Bill Gladden, said, “I have always loved painting and I particularly enjoy painting animals. I am very lucky that I get asked to paint lots of pets and in return all I ask for is a donation to the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans who this year have taken me and other WWII veterans to both The Netherlands and to Normandy. I was particularly touched by Cody’s story and offered to paint him to see if perhaps I  could help to find him a new loving home.”




Donna Rich, continued, “Cody absolutely loves his toys and will often greet you with one in his mouth whilst wagging his whole body! He is super intelligent and picks up new things quickly and effectively, whilst loving it because of all the tasty treats he gets in return! Cody would best suit a quiet, low populated area where there are fewer passing vehicles, people and dogs which will ensure he copes better in the surrounding environment and will help set him up for success in his training. Everyone at the RSPCA is really grateful to Mr Gladden and we hope that we will soon be telling him that through his art Cody has a new home.”




If you are interested in offering Cody a home please visit –  https://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/details/-/Animal/CODY/ref/BSA2105404/rehome and to look at all the RSPCA animals that available for rehoming visit  www.rspca.org.uk/findapet

To find out more about the support the Taxi Charity offers to veterans including Bill Gladden visit www.taxicharity.org

About the Taxi Charity

The Taxi Charity is run by volunteer London black taxi drivers and has been supporting thousands of veterans of all ages since 1948. The charity arranges free trips to the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, for acts of commemoration and days out to museums, concerts, or fundraising events across the UK, to catch up with friends and comrades.

The charity was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in June 2021.

In 2023 the charity will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.

To fund and facilitate their work, the charity is reliant on generous donations grants, and sponsorship.