Margate Independent Foodbank Receives Funding Lifeline

Kent Community Foundation and the Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund has sent £2,000 to the Margate Independent Foodbank CIC after precious stock was taken during a break in.

Grant-maker Kent Community Foundation acted quickly when they heard the devastating news that the Margate Independent Foodbank CIC had been broken into for the third time and was considering its future.

John Finnegan, Co-Founder of the Margate Independent Foodbank CIC, said. “After discovering the latest  break in, the third we have had, my  initial reaction was to consider closing the foodbank, but this setback was not going to defeat us. The community we serve needs us and we are determined to stay open.”

When they heard news of the third break in, the Kent Community Foundation team, who administer grants from the Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund on behalf of Boys & Maughan Solicitors, asked the fund to step in and make a one-off emergency payment. The response from the fund trustees came back immediately with an offer of a £2,000 donation to cover the costs of improved security measures for this vital community asset.

When the foodbank was notified, that funding to pay for additional  security for their premises would be allocated within days,  Darryn De La Soul, Co-Founder of the Margate Independent Foodbank CIC said, “I’m sitting here in tears of gratitude. Thank you for taking such quick action and a huge thank you to the Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund!”

Ian Priston, Boys & Maughan Solicitors’, Trust Manager for the  Albert Burns Children’s Trust Fund, said, “Our trustees agreed to an emergency grant without hesitation. Margate Independent Foodbank is an excellent fit for the aims of the Albert Burns Children’s Fund. Children clearly benefit from the food bank and many local families are dependent on the support it provides.

“Our trustees want to make doubly sure this year that their donations to children’s’ charities are distributed appropriately and effectively in anticipation of the financial challenges families are due to face this winter and beyond.”


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About the Margate Independent Foodbank CIC

Co-founders John Finnegan and Darryn De La Soul established the Margate Independent Foodbank CIC  in June 2022 in response to the Covid-19 crisis. In June 2021they moved to a small shop in Duke Street. Anyone on a low income is welcome to become a member and use the shop and if they can’t afford the foodbank’s low prices they will be assisted with vouchers to use in the shop.

About Kent Community Foundation

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