New Chairman for the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans

During the recent visit to the Netherlands London cab driver Ian Parsons handed over the role of Chairman of The Taxi Charity to fellow cab driver Brian Heffernan.

The previous and new Chairman agreed that the Taxi Charity trip to the Netherlands for Wandeltocht, the Airborne commemorative walk,  over the first weekend of September was the perfect time to thank the former Chairman Ian Parsons for his dedication and leadership and to welcome Brian as new Chair.

London Cab driver Brian Heffernan, 57, from Brentwood, is becoming Chairman at a very important chapter in the Charity’s history. In 2023 the Taxi Charity will celebrate its 75th anniversary and 2024  will mark the 80th anniversary of  D Day and Operation Market Garden.


After the weekend in the Netherlands Ian Parsons, former Chairman of the Taxi Charity, messaged the cab drivers and volunteers saying, “May I thank you all for your kind messages and sound advice. What a wonderful send-off you gave me (even though I’m not going anywhere and will still be very much involved with the charity.) I’ve no adequate words to describe how much the past few days has meant to me. To our Dutch friends, my fellow London cab drivers and all our Taxi Charity  volunteers, I say this: It has been my privilege to know and work with you. You are greater than great – without question, you are the greatest of all time. Congratulations, good luck and best wishes to Brian Heffernan the new Chairman of the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.”

Following the weekend in the Netherlands Brian Heffernan, the new Chairman of the Taxi Charity said,  “This has been a very special weekend that I will never forget. As well celebrating the 75th anniversary of Wandeltocht  I am truly honoured and proud to have taken over the role of  Chairman of the Taxi Charity from Ian who has served the charity so well. As well as celebrating the charity’s 75th anniversary next year and the 80th anniversaries of FD Day and Operation Market Garden in 2024, the role will not be without its challenges. Undoubtedly  the greatest facing us will be fundraising. Every charity was affected by the fundraising restrictions forced on us through the  Covid-19 pandemic and having got through that, the country is now facing a cost-of-living and fuel crisis which will see most people  having to reassess  how they allocate any money they may have previously donated to good causes.”

Brian Continued “It’s great to be part of this truly exceptional charity and I’m really looking forward to taking the charity on its next chapter with an amazing committee and supporting cast.”

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About the Taxi Charity

The Taxi Charity is run by volunteer London black taxi drivers and has been supporting thousands of veterans of all ages since 1948. The charity arranges free trips to the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, for acts of commemoration and days out to museums, concerts, or fundraising events across the UK, to catch up with friends and comrades.

The charity was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in June 2021.

In 2023 the charity will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.

To fund and facilitate their work, the charity is reliant on generous donations grants, and sponsorship.