Santa Visits Edensor Care Home in Clacton

Father Christmas took time out his busy schedule to share breakfast with the residents of the Edensor Care Centre in Clacton on Sea

There was a real buzz at the Edensor Care Centre in Clacton this week when Santa and one of his Elves managed to make the time to share breakfast with the residents on 14 December.

Ahead of his arrival Santa had sent a message to the care team to ask them to prepare a special grotto for his visit and to keep the news as a wonderful surprise for the residents.



Jean Jacobs                                           Shirley Roberts 


The catering team put on a special breakfast including cereals, porridge with cream, fresh fruit cocktail, fruit yogurt, full English breakfast, pan au chocolate, farmhouse toast with a selection of preserves and at Santa’s request they added sweet candy cane swirls, hot chocolate with marshmallow dreams and fresh cream clouds, golden chocolate coins and candy face lollipops to the menu.

During breakfast Santa took time to meet the residents and brought them a special gift, a tin in the shape of either a train or nutcracker, containing sweets.

Lindsey Milliken, Deputy Manager, Edensor, said, “Christmas is such a magical time and takes our dementia residents back to bygone years and happy memories of Christmases past. This is the first time that we have welcomed Santa and his Elf for breakfast, and we are over the moon that they made time for us at this very busy time, and we hope they will be able to join us every year.”

Shirley Roberts, pictured said “It’s so nice to be old and to be spoilt by Santa….I do believe in him”

Jean Jacobs, pictured said,  ” Did he really come from the North Pole to see us?”

Santa, said, “It was a pleasure to have breakfast at Edensor and meet Shirley, Jean and all the lovely residents who I of course remember from when they used to write to me as children. The breakfast, especially the hot chocolate with marshmallow dreams and fresh cream clouds, was most welcome and gave me a perfect start for the very busy day in my workshop with the Elves.”

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