The Joy and Anguish of Mother’s Day

As we approach Mother’s Day, thousands of women across the UK will look forward to celebrating with their children while thousands more will be reminded that they don’t have the family they long for.

Sue, 52, knows how awful  Mother’s Day was for her, while she spent years trying to have children and although she now has two beautiful, adopted children and the day has become very special, her heart goes out to those who are still trying to have a longed-for family.

Ten years ago, Sue and her husband Dean adopted siblings aged 2 and 4. Her journey to having a family has been a long one and she now supports Diagrama, the charity she adopted through, to talk with other people who are considering starting the adoption journey.

“Dean and I tried to have a baby for  years. We had years of failed IVF in the UK and then six  rounds of egg donation in Spain which was a very costly experience. As the years went by, I became more and more desperate for children to complete our family and every year as we approached Mother’s Day it was a constant reminder of my inadequacy and the huge child shaped hole in my heart.

“After  ten years of trying, a test revealed that I had a natural killer cell within my body, that meant getting pregnant would be highly unlikely for me. I spoke with Dean about trying to adopt and we agreed that we wanted to explore this option. We were lucky to find Diagrama very quickly and we felt they totally understood our situation and we began the adoption process with them.

“Our two children have now been with us for ten years. I remember vividly the excitement in the voice of our social worker when she called us one evening at 8pm to tell me that she thought she had found a brother and sister for us. We had seen lots of profiles of children needing homes but finally we felt from the tone of the out of hours call that these children were special and might just become our new family.

“There have been many challenges along the way, but Diagrama have supported us throughout and given us training and tools,  at every stage, to move forward. Mother’s day is now a very special day with our children, but as we approach the date, I always think about the thousands of women across the country who are trying to have a family and my heart goes out to them.”

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